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Simon Thualt

Social Hierarchy in the
«Satire of the Trades» :
Scribal Considerations on
Crafts in Ancient Egypt

ISBN 978-1-8381180-6-8




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KITAB series


Kitab - Egyptology in Focus,
an umbrella series

will be published in print
and online

fully peer reviewed;  
Editor in chief: Gianluca Miniaci


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This short study of how the various trades of the Teaching of Khety are described and how they are depicted in other sources show that the contents of the Satire are mostly focused on tasks and gestures not always relevant regarding actual chaînes opératoires, but useful in order to convey the global emphasis of the text.

Kitab is a peer-reviewed series with an advisory board of international renown Egyptologists for control of quality;


Scientific committee:

Miroslav Bárta, Manfred Bietak, Julia Budka, Simon Connor, Kenneth Griffin, Ahmed Mekawy, Antonio Morales, Claudia Näser, Rune Nyord, Campbell Price, Yasmine El-Shazly, Angela Tooley, Yann Tristant








Kitab provides:

•  speediness in publication; after the submission of the final version of the manuscript, only 6 months will occur to have the volume printed out;

•  control over the layout manuscript (no camera ready pdf and images in the text

•  hybrid format: all the Kitab are printed books and are available as ebooks,

•  high quality

•  high scientific standards: all the volumes will be subject to the blind peer-review

If you are interested in publishing with Kitab, please submit a proposal, max 300 words, providing the aim of the volume and a preliminary “Title and Table of Contents” to the following addresses: Gianluca Miniaci (gianluca.miniaci@unipi.it).